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Dobby doesn't mean to kill, only to mame or seriously injure.

No Black and White pics, please.
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Christoph Trechsler, portable folding sun-dial, 1610. Brass, silver, case: sealskin. Dresden, Germany. Via Kunstkammer Georg Laue, Munich/London

Trechsler, whose father Lorenz was a gunsmith in Dresden, succeeded in the late 16th and early 17th century in earning a deserved reputation as one of the most celebrated German instrument makers. 

Dieter Rams & Dietrich Lubs, Braun clock radio - ABR 21 signal radio, 1978. Germany. 📷 Koichi Okuwaki. Via domusweb.it

Hans Vredeman de Vries, from his book Perspective, 1604-05. Leyden, Netherlands. PDF online via Heine University Duesseldorf.